AJC- Arabian Jockey Club – Nationally chartered non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the Arabian racing industry in the US. Issues the certificate for racing and keeps the race statistics for racing in the USA

AHA- Arabian Horse Association – Breed Registry

ARC- Arabian Racing Cup -The Arabian Racing Cup is a nonprofit corporation founded by Dr. Sam Harrison, originally chartered in 1983 and currently run by its Board of Stewards. The Cup is dedicated to the national and international promotion of breeding and racing purebred Arabian horses.

IFAHR – International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing

Endurance Net – All things relating to Endurance riding in the USA

International Horse Reporter – Reporting on Racing and Endurance around the world.


State racing associations

ARAC   Arabian Racing Association of California

Colorado – Colorado Owners and Breeders of Racing Arabians

Delaware – Eastern Arabian Racing Alliance

Texas – Texas Arabian Breeders Association


Other favorites

Racing Medication and Testing Consortium

Cre Run Farm

Tanglewood Polish & French Arabians

IGL   trainers  St. Wendred’s Yard  Newmarket  England

Stephane and Ilka Gansera-Leveque  Arabians and Thoroughbreds





Debbie Burt – official ARO photographer


Michael Smithson  Photographer Newmarket, England


Ripley  fine art photographer and artist Suffolk, UK




Paul & Kathy Smoke

5423 Sutton Rd., Britton, MI 49229



International Arabian Racing