Testimonial – Freedom Ztar

After her successful track career, Freedom Ztar entered endurance training with Susan Thompson of Thompson Training Center, Sweetwater, Tennessee, and then was sold to Susan Wilson for endurance. 

For video see YouTube under Thompson Training Center– also, more photographs can be seen at www.thompsontrainingcenter.com

“We finished our first endurance race this past weekend. Sand Hills stampede 35 miles and Star did great. We finished 19th and her vet checks went great. We accidentally started with the group because we were late checking in and she was a hand full to hold back the first couple miles but she got better and better. My friend April coached me thru the ride really working on teaching Star to pace herself. Her heart rates were great dropped back below 60 very quickly. I need to get better at watching markers and will pay better attention to the directions at the riders meeting next time. Am real excited about future rides and conditioning. Thanks for selling me a great horse.” Susan Wilson 

Freedom Ztar raced successfully in Delaware in 2006 and 2007 under Lynette Hershbell. Race record 2/10(1-1-3) $11,524

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